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toot de la froot

sobe_sf in blerg_indeed

Garbage time


#2 is my fave. :)
I love 7! Snagging, will credit. =)


Comedy better than news! Brian Williams is such a good sport. I only wish I had a clearer screen cap.
Aww I like #3. Saving it! Thanks
Where is 3 and 7 are from?

Wow. I've been neglecting my icon jounral.

They're from various strike episodes. I think #3, the Conan/Will Arnett one, is a manip that the show people came up with, probably playing on the Will/Amy gap ad. I believe that they flashed it when Will Arnett guested during the strike episodes. I just took a crappy screen grab of it.

Same goes for #7. During one of the strike epsides Conan took an audience member on a running tour of NBC at 30 Rock (the audience memer in #6). During the tour, Conan ran through the NBC news division and "interrupted" the Nightly News. Again, another of my LQ screen grabs.

I'm sorry I'm so long-winded.

Re: Wow. I've been neglecting my icon jounral.

Oh thanks, I think I'll check out the strike run, I think I know which one that is. :D