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sobe_sf in blerg_indeed


These have nothing to do with my comm's stated interests, but I'm totally in love with the JabbaWockeeZ.  They're amazing dancers, and seem to be nice dudes.  Who knew America's Best Dance Crew would be so freaking awesome? 


Disclaimer:  I'm still not that great at iconing, and I was working with lots of tiny caps. 

ABDC Episodes

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17 18 19 20

Promotional Stuff

21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30 31 32
33 34

No hot linking.
Comments are love. (Unless you're telling me I suck.  I already know.)
Do whatever you like to them, use as bases, etc.
Credit is nice, but no big deal.


hi your icons are real cute!
but i was wondering where you got a hold of the actual photos for the promotional pictures?
ty in advance if you could give me the link

btw your icons have good quslity
theyre not blurry :]
Ok. Just between you and me, ok? Don't spread the link around too much. ;)


It's the photographer's blog.