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sobe_sf in blerg_indeed


These have nothing to do with my comm's stated interests, but I'm totally in love with the JabbaWockeeZ.  They're amazing dancers, and seem to be nice dudes.  Who knew America's Best Dance Crew would be so freaking awesome? 


Disclaimer:  I'm still not that great at iconing, and I was working with lots of tiny caps. 

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No hot linking.
Comments are love. (Unless you're telling me I suck.  I already know.)
Do whatever you like to them, use as bases, etc.
Credit is nice, but no big deal.


OH MY GOSH!!!! Thank you so much, I totally LOVE the JabbaWockeeZ!! I couldn't find any icons on them anywhere, so thank you!!!!!!!!!! you're soo awsome, love the icons! i can't wait to watch America's Best Dance Crew season 2, but i think Jabbawockeez will still be the best, but who knows! Jabba inspired me so much! i <3 them

Thanks, I'm glad you like the icons. I don't know how season 2 can top this, but I'm hoping we get a special appearance from the season 1 champs.